Regionale 2025




4 Städte, 12 Gemeinden, 2 Kantone – vereint und gemeinsam.

Neue Ideen für Gesellschaft, Raum und Kultur.

Wegweisende Projekte für ein vernetztes Limmattal.

Eine Plattform für Menschen, die das Limmattal gestalten.

Impulsgeberin und Motor für die Region.


People are designing new meeting places. They are contemplating new living spaces. They are reorganizing public transportation:  many people in Limmattal are working with new ideas for their valley.

Regionale 2025 is offering a platform for these ideas. Regionale sees itself as a big showcase (exhibition) reminiscent of the Biennale – a Biennale for the region. Regionale 2025 will take place in 2025 by focusing on one of the most important Swiss regions. Two intermediate exhibitions in 2019 and 2022 showcase the progress of these projects.

The highlighted projects are innovative. They answer inherent questions of specific Limmattal challenges. They favor solutions that ensure the livelihood and diversity of the Limmattal will persevere or even expand. The community at large will be able to view and experience the showcased projects of Regionale 2025.

Regionale 2025 is backed by «Verein Regionale Projektschau Limmattal». Founded in 2015, the «Verein» is supported by 16 Limmattal municipalities and cities as well as Kanton Aargau and Kanton Zürich. The goal of the association is to enhance the image of Limmattal and to coordinate the different projects.

Regionale 2025 serves as driving factor for sustainable development of the Limmattal. Their activities contribute to a highly visible identity for the region. Whatever happens in Limmattal over the coming years will lead the path for Switzerland as a whole.

Regionale 2025 Projects

  • let you experience diversity and quality of life
  • glimpse into the future
  • indicate solutions
  • support dialogue and cooperation
  • enhance identity

Population growth, increased traffic, mounting utilization of nature, undefined areal and cultural identity, increased need for political coordination, enhancement and consolidation of living spaces, business and industrial areas